Refund/Void Payments through FrontStream Payment Gateway (ArgoFire)

Organizations that use the FrontStream Payment Gateway are now able to refund payments directly from the admin console.

Note: Any refunds for payments made prior to the release of this enhancement will need to be done through FS Payment Gateway.

Please follow the below steps to issue a refund for a donation.

1. From the FrontStream platform console, go to the Relationships tab.
2. Click on the Donor/Purchaser tab.
3. Search for the donor and click on the donor that is requesting the refund.
4. Under the Donations Section, click on the paper icon next to the donation you would like to refund.
5. From the Donation Summary page, click on View Payments.
6. From the Payments page, click on Details.
7. In the Payment Summary page, click on the drop down next to Status and select Voided.
8. Click on Yes, Change. A warning will then be displayed. Click OK.
9. You should now see a message indicating that the payment has been voided in the FrontStream platform and FrontStream Payment Gateway.

If you log in to the FS Payment Gateway portal, you should expect to see a Credit in the current batch for the payment you just voided.

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