Export file explained

Each time a new record is created, or an existing record is updated, a new transaction row will appear in the Export file.

- New records will include: new registrations and donations.
- Updated records include updates in the Relationships Tab including Goals, Payment Status, Tax Receipts, etc.

If data has been added to any of your events or records have changed, your file will automatically be available for download and listed as “New”.

Files are available in CSV and XML format. Various file versions are available for historical
releases. Please choose the highest version for the file containing all system data.

When you select the File Format, the Export becomes available for download. Click on the file URL to open.

Once you download the Export, it will appear as “Downloaded”, and will remain available for download.

Once a new record or record update occurs, the next Export File will begin.

Export Settings

Date range:
The date range in each export starts on the “Request Date” and ends at the time of the first download.

For a complete list of columns and Export Specifications, please request from your local support team.

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