Fundraising report

This report contains registration, team, and donation information for each individual. It can be downloaded to a variety of formats. It is also a useful tool to see which of your fundraisers have logged in via the mobile app and/or mobile web (refer to Mobile Source column).

Fundraising Reports are available in 2 formats:

  • DETAILS – FILE: displays information about each individual Registrant and their cumulative fundraising results. It can be easily exported to excel.
  • SUMMARY – FILE : Summarizes fundraising totals by Team, Individuals, and Direct Donations

Step 1: Click the Reports Tab

The following page appears:

Step 2: Set Report Criteria

Select the Event: Click the arrow beside Event and choose an event.

  • If the event has more than one location you can choose a location for your report.

Select the Format:  Details – File or Summary - File

Select Report Criteria: Choose a starting and ending date for the event


Click Generate Report 

TIP: Mobile Source column explained

Possible values are:

  • Android
  • Android; iPhone
  • Android; iPhone; Mobile Web
  • Android; Mobile Web
  • iPhone
  • iPhone; Mobile Web
  • Mobile Web
  • Blank

What do they mean?

  • iPhone: the registrant logged in using via the app on an iOS device
  • Android: the registrant logged in via the app on an Android device
  • Mobile Web: the registrant logged in via the mobile optimized pages
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