Enter a direct donation to an event via data entry

Scenario: Your donor, Peter, walks in to your office and hands you $50 dollars in cash. He wants to make a donation to support one of your events. 

Learn how to enter Peter's unsolicited donation!

Step 1 Go to the Data Entry tab and select the batch in which you want to add the direct donation to.

* Tip: Please ensure you are using a "Participants/Sponsors" batch.


Step 2 Click Add an Unsolicited Donation


Here you would enter the information of the donor (first name, last name, address, city, postal code, country, phone number, email, etc.).


Finally you would enter the donation amount, and indicate whether the donation was made by Cash/Cheque, or Credit Card.

Step 4 Click Save

* Tip: Click Save and Add another Unsolicited Donation if you would like to add another direct donation to the same event.

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