How to Export your GiftWorks Database File (.gds) using Microsoft Access

This article contains directions on how to export your donors, donations, etc. by using Microsoft Access.

*This will only apply if you have Microsoft Access installed on your computer

1.) First find the location of your GiftWorks Database Files (.gds). If you do not see the path displayed click "options" > "Show Database Location".

2.) Go to the location of the GiftWorks Database File (.gds) on your computer. Then rename the extension from .gds to .mdb (If you don't see the extension when viewing the file, you will have to change your view settings)

3.) Then open Microsoft Access and choose "Open" > then browse to the location of the database file you just renamed to .mdb

4.) In Access you can right click on any table such as donor_donors > then choose "Export" (to Excel or whatever option you would like)

All of your GiftWorks data can be viewed and exported with Microsoft Access.This database will allow your organization to view and manage your data.

**GiftWorks is unable to support questions about Microsoft Access. For technical help, please contact their team at:

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