QuickBooks Error Messages

Due to certain configuration issues, QuickBooks might throw an error message to GiftWorks during a posting or during the QuickBooks configuration process.

Here are some examples and their solution:

Accounting::Error while loading DLL error message - From the QuickBooks interface, run the QuickBooks update utility to make sure that you have the most recent updates for your version of QuickBooks. QuickBooks releases fixes for issues that could impact the way GiftWorks communicates with QuickBooks.

QBManage:MapAccountsToQB:QBManage:GetQBAccountsToImport: This key is alreadyassociated with an element of this collection - this is usually caused by a duplicate or perceived duplicate account name. Please make sure that there are no duplicate account names in QuickBooks. An example might be an account with a space at the beginning and a like named account with no space. Rename one of the accounts to be unique other than by using a space.

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