Importing Groups

GiftWorks allows you to create your own groups and then assign donors to those groups. When you assign fields from your import file, select Groups and then click on Create new group

When you import, you can create a group in two ways:

-Creating a group based on a column name
the column name is used as the group name and the field values are used to determine if a donor should be placed within the group (for example, True, 1 and Yes to include a person in the group, and False, 0 and No not to include a person in the group)

-Creating a group based on information in one of your columns
unique field values are used to create group names. Donors with field values matching a group name will be places into that group

NOTE: If you are importing into an existing GiftWorks database that already has Donor Groups, you will still need to choose the "Create a New Group" option. GiftWorks will see that the Donor Group exists and add the donors to that Group.

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