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The GiftWorks Quick Import feature allows you to import donations for new or existing donors. GiftWorks can apply a donation to an existing pledge payment if the amount matches an outstanding pledge payment for the assigned donor. GiftWorks will use its best judgment to determine if it is a new donation or a payment on an outstanding pledge. Only one pledge payment per pledge will import per import. During the import process you will have the option to override the defaults for each donation. The Quick Import must use a Microsoft Excel (.xls or .xlsx) spreadsheet with a pre-defined set of columns. Please choose from one of the below attached templates.

In order to import donations using Quick Import, the following columns are required to have values:

  • Id
  • FirstName
  • LastName
  • PaymentMethod
  • DonationDate
  • DonationAmount

If you are not using one or more of the pre-defined template columns, please do not remove them. The columns are still required although some of them may not have any values. The following columns are available for Quick Import:

  • Id- this is a unique identifier per donation/payment and is imported as the Transaction Id
  • FirstName- first name of the donor
  • LastName- last name of the donor
  • Salutation- prefix of the donor
  • Company- company name of the donor
  • Street- street of the donor address
  • City- city of the donor address
  • State- state of the donor address
  • Zip- zip/postal code of the donor address
  • Country- country of the donor address
  • Email- this is the donor's email address
  • Phone- this is the donor's phone number
  • AddToMailingList- indicates if the donor should be added to the mailing list selected on the Quick Import options screen, recognized values are y,yes,n,no,1,-1,0,t,true,f,false and are not case-sensitive
  • BillStreet- street of the payment billing address
  • BillCity- city of the payment billing address
  • BillState- state of the payment billing address
  • BillZip- zip/postal code of the payment billing address
  • DonationDate- this is the date of the donation
  • DonationAmount- this is the amount of the donation. Zero-dollar donations will only be imported if you have allowed zero-dollar donations in your Organization Info
  • Restriction- this is to what the donation should be directed
  • Anonymous- indicates if the donation should be marked as anonymous, recognized values are y,yes,n,no,1,-1,0,t,true,f,false and are not case-sensitive
  • PaymentMethod- this is the payment method of the donation. Examples are Cash, Check, Credit Card, Equipment, etc.
  • PaymentType- credit card type if the PaymentMethod is "credit card"
  • AccountNumbercredit card number. Only the last 4 digits will be saved
  • PaymentName- name on the credit card
  • Notes these are donation notes and will be saved as the donation description
  • CheckNumber- check number of the donation
  • CheckDate- check date of the donation
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