How can I enter a batch of donors or donations into GiftWorks?

If you want to enter many donors or donations at the same time, you have a couple options.

  1. SmartEntry - SmartEntry allows you to enter donors and donations using an Excel-like spreadsheet called SmartEntry Pages. SmartEntry Pages are customizable and can be designed to meet the need of the data entry.Click here to find out more about SmartEntry.
  2. Importing - You can import your information into GiftWorks using our built-in import tool. Click here to learn more about Importing.
  3. Quick Import -The GiftWorks Quick Import feature allows you to import donations for new or existing donors. GiftWorks can apply a donation to an existing pledge payment if the amount matches an outstanding pledge payment for the assigned donor. GiftWorks will use its best judgment to determine if it is a new donation or a payment on an outstanding pledge. During the import process you will have the option to override the defaults for each donation. Click here to read more about Quick Import.
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