Does GiftWorks Support Canadian Receipting

Once you have reviewed the gift receipting requirements from the Canada Revenue Agency at you can create custom donation receipts in the Mailings section for the different types of receipts you need to provide Click on the Mailings section and select Manage Letter Library from the Related Actions menu.

Click on Add and select Add Letter for Donations from the dropdown list. Enter a name for the letter and click Next You can create a new letter or copy and paste an existing receipt.

Click on Insert Fields to add the information required by the Canada Revenue Agency to be included in the letter. Once you have created your receipt letter click Save

In SmartLists, create a new SmartList of donations to which you want to send receipts. Click Send Mail and select Send Mail for These Donations from the Related Actions menu.

Select Send one mailing per donor from the Recipients dropdown list during Choose Options in the Mailing section. Select the receipt letter you created earlier and click Next and generate the mailing Refer to the Canada Revenue Agency at for the most recent official donation receipts requirements.

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