Course: Offline Donation Management - Data Entry Tab (10 min)

Quick Tips Before You Start

  • You can use the Data Entry tab to enter cash/cheque donations you've collected from donors, participants and the event itself.
  • You can use the Data Entry tab to also enter offline registrants
  • Data Entry compatible only with our Event/Campaign template. If you would like to add offline donations for the other templates (E.g. Direct Donation, Tribute and Purchase Items) you will need to use Import.

Your Mission

  1. Create a batch ("bucket") to enter offline donations
  2. Add an unsolicited donation (general donation) to your event
  3. Add a solicited donation (a donation your participant or team has collected from their friends & family) 
  4. Post your batch and issue tax receipts


First, Create a Batch

Creating a batch will allow you to add offline donations to your specific event. 


Enter an Unsolicited Donation

Scenario: Your donor, Peter, walks into your office and gives you $50 dollars in cash. He wants to make a donation to support one of your events. 

Learn how to enter Peter's unsolicited donation!


Enter a Solicited Donation

Scenario: Your participant Anna recently collected a donation from her friend Peter. She sent you his cash donation via mail. You need to ensure Peter's donation is counted toward Anna's fundraising total.

Find out how you can add Peter's donation under Anna's account.


Post Your Batch & Issue Tax Receipts

Once you're ready to issue tax receipts to your offline donors, post your batch.

Note: Please ensure you've enabled a tax receipting option under batch settings (Watch the first video "Create a Batch" to learn how this option can be enabled).

For more information, check out our how-to articles on using the Data Entry tab here!

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