Course: Offline Donation Management - Import (10 min)

Getting to Know Import 

Similar to the Data Entry tab, you can use our import tool to add offline donations and registrants. The import process contains two steps:

1. Create an import file in Excel.
2. Upload the file in the system.
*The import file templates are attached on the bottom of this article.

What's So Cool About Import?

  • With the Fundraising Pro Import tool, you can import offline donations from all template types (Event/Campaign, Direct Donation, Tribute, and Purchase Items) Note: With Data Entry, you can import offline donations only from our Event/Campaign template
  • You can add up to 500 records at a time 
  • Tax receipts can be sent automatically once your import file is processed

Watch the below video to learn how you can import offline data:

For more information, check out our how-to articles on importing offline donations here.

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