GiftWorks Database Checkup produces Errors

The first thing to do is to permanently delete any temporarily deleted donors and/or donations. These can create "false positives" for the database checkup. Click on the Settings section and then Importing, Exporting and Data Management. Select Manage Your GiftWorks Database and then Delete Information From Your Database. Click on Manage Deleted Donations. If there are any donations listed, check them and click on Delete Permanently. Once you've done this, return to the Settings section and re-run the GiftWorks Checkup. If the Checkup still produces errors, you will need to contact GiftWorks Customer Care.

  1. Click on the Settings section and then Importing, Exporting and Data Management. Click on Manage Your GiftWorks Database.  The database (.gds) filename (and location) is listed in the box. Make note of this location. This is the file we'll ask for to repair. Make a copy of the file.
  2. Exit GiftWorks, log a ticket with our Support Team indicating that you have database errors. We will contact you with arrangements for a file dropbox for you to upload your database.
  3. GiftWorks Support will repair the file and return it to you. Note that you cannot work in GiftWorks while the database is being repaired. Any changes you make during this time will be lost when you re-install the repaired database file.
  4. When you receive your repaired database and can confirm that it works properly, delete the database copy you made earlier.
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