Corrupt database

We do know that corruptions can occur with the type of database technology that GiftWorks uses (Microsoft Jet database), especially when used over a network with multiple users. There are many factors than can contribute to a corruption including (but not limited to) network connectivity, operating system files, security issues, file server characteristics, multi-user connection issues, etc. Below are a few things that may assist you:

  1. Backup often. This will not prevent a corruption specifically, but will certainly help in the event of one.
  2. Compact your database frequently. This can be done in the Settings area of GiftWorks and will do two things - it will compact the database and will determine if any repairs are needed to be done to the database.
  3. Ensure that all users who use GiftWorks close GiftWorks properly. We had a customer a little while ago who would routinely just shut off their computer when they were done for the day - not an orderly shutdown, but just shut off the machine. That can easily cause a corruption and we dont assume anything. Also, if a person shuts down GiftWorks in a disorderly fashion - killing the program, etc.
  4. Network conditions. If a user has an unreliable connection to the network, corruptions can occur. This can be wireless networks, networks with faulty equipment, etc. Sometimes a network specialist can help determine if this may be the cause. We have seen that people with wireless networks that their connection is weak can cause this problem.
  5. Check to see if the server/folder that the GiftWorks database is stored on has issues. If stored on a server, does the server have enough Client Access Licenses? Does the server have all the latest service packs, etc? Issues with the storage location can contribute.

Here is an additional links regarding corruptions:

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