Restore a backup

In order to restore a backup file in GiftWorks please use the following steps:

  • Open GiftWorks but do not sign in
  • Click "Options" next to Database

(If you don't see "Options" and have 3 choices for databases, choose "Use the Sample Database. Then click "Options")

  • Choose "Restore a backup database"
  • Here you will see a dialog box with 3 steps
  • Step 1:Find your back up file (the .gbf file)
  • Step 2:Choose a location for your restored GiftWorks database file (the .gds file).
  • Step 3:Give your new database file a name

**NOTE: If you want to restore the back up file into an existing database file, you will need to choose the exact same location (Step 2) and the exact same database name (Step 3)

  • Click on Restore
  • If you have chosen to overwrite an existing database file, a prompt will appear stating You have chosen to restore over an existing file. Are you sure you want to continue Choose Yes
  • A dialog box will appear when the Restore is complete click Ok
  • Sign In to the database file.
  • To do this click on the Options tab to the right of the Database name.
  • Choose Select an existing database and then click Browse.
  • Find the database file you restored, click on it, then click open.
  • Click Next.
  • Now choose your User Name and then click Done.
  • Now click on Sign in.

***NOTE: If you have GiftWorks installed on multiple computers and you have created a new database file, you will need to make sure that all of the users sign in to the new database file in the new location.

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