Matching Gift for Volunteer Hours

In this case, not having the Volunteers module has no bearing on the gift recording issue. For GiftWorks, the most accurate way for you to track this issue requires that you first create a fund like "Volunteer Credits" which you and your bookkeeper recognize as not flowing as dollar resources, though you may want to consult IRS regulations on crediting volunteers' efforts as actual in-kind donations. To process these entries follows this path: First, create a gift record in each matching Company employee volunteer record that collects the $ equivalent of their volunteers hours on a monthly basis (or however the matching Company calculates it). This "gift" goes into the Volunteers Credits fund. The important point here is that you mark that volunteer's "donation" then as being matched by that Company. And that would set everything up to be acknowledged and receipted properly. You may also want to add information about the hours and dates served in that donation's donation notes area. [Donation Custom Fields may also prove helpful.] With this you could, for example, prepare a report of October "Volunteer Credits" projected matches that you export and email to your contact at the Company, could function like an invoice. That should accomplish your objective and meet the appropriate IRS receipting and reporting requirements.

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