Tracking Multiple Donor Stages

Using the Status field and custom donor fields will allow you to track the donor's stages.

To create a default status for donors, click on the Settings section and then click on Fields Lists & More. Select Change GiftWorks Fields. Click on Status from the Field Name list and then click on Change Field.

You can Add, Edit, Delete, Sort, move Up and Down and Hide fields. You can add a donor status field to indicate those donors where the actions taken have been completed. Create custom donor fields to track the stages.

Click on the Settings section and then click on Customize. Select Manage Donor Custom Fields to add donor custom fields. Use the custom fields to segment the different aspects of the stages like methods, status, and date. Using a checkbox custom field for Completed Action1, Completed Action2, and Actions Completed, for example, will allow you to move a donor through the stages.

Create SmartLists for the different stages (for example, Action1, Action2, and Actions Completed).

You can then refine criteria and use Don't Show criteria categories to move donors from one stages SmartList to the next as you update the donor through the stages. As donor actions are completed, you can click on Update Items In This List from the Related Actions menu and change the status of members from in process to completed.

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