Find donors that sound the same using extended search feature

Sometimes you are not sure how a donor spells his name or how it was entered when you are searching for a donor.

If you are searching for Steven and the name was entered as Stephen, GiftWorks will not find it with the normal search feature. GiftWorks contains a feature that extends the search to names that sound similar to the value that is entered in the search field.

This feature is accessed from the Find Donors dialog. One way to access this is to click on the Advanced Search link in the lower left hand corner. If you are using the Basic Search or the Advanced Search with the Name search field, there is a checkbox labeled "Include names that sound the same". When this checkbox is checked, Giftworks will search for donors that have similar sound combinations.

The advantage of this feature is that donors with different spellings or including accent marks will be selected, instead of being screened out, by the search feature. This makes it easier to find donors, even if you aren't spelling the name quite right, and also will help you to find duplicate donors with different spellings.

One caveat is the sound search is based on English phonetic sounds and may not work as well for international names where the same letters have different phonetic sounds.

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