Changes in GiftWorks not seen by other users

From the most up-to-date database, confirm the location of that database file by recording the filepath information available by clicking on Settings, then selecting Importing, Exporting and Data Management > Manage Your GiftWorks Database. Your database filepath location appears in the Database Information box at the bottom of that screen. The file you are pointing to will be "something.gds"

The something.gds must be in a location (on a server or shared folder, etc.) that all your other computers installed with GiftWorks can access (browse to and read and write to)

If you move the something.gds file to a new location, you will have to "point" all the installations of GiftWorks to that new location (a process available at sign-in). We recommend that all users sign out of GiftWorks for this database move. Those other computers may just need to be redirected if the current location that you are using is accessible to them

Once you have all installations pointing to the same .gds file, everyone should see the same changes

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