GiftWorks use by multiple users

GiftWorks can be easily set up for multiple users to access the same database. In order to accomplish this, the GiftWorks database file (.gds) needs to be placed in a mutually-accessible location on your local-area or peer-to-peer network. Typically, this is either on a server or else in a shared folder on one of the computers.

Any user that wants to use that GiftWorks database must have full permissions to the folder where the GiftWorks database resides and have full permissions to the GiftWorks database file (.gds) itself.

The GiftWorks application needs to be installed on each computer that will access the database. Each installation of GiftWorks also requires your license key to be enter.

Each GiftWorks installation must then be pointed to the database file. Pointing involves having GiftWorks browse to your database. From the Sign-In screen, click on the Options link then choose Select an existing database. In the browser window find and select your database.

Certain areas of GiftWorks only allow one user at a time. GiftWorks will alert you if you try to access an area that is already being accessed by another user.

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