Move GiftWorks to a new computer

To move GiftWorks to a new or another computer, the following information should help. Before you begin, please gather the following information:

  1. Your GiftWorks Version GiftWorks 2015
  2. Your GiftWorks License Key (You can find this on the Help -> About GiftWorks menu item)

Once you have collected the necessary information, follow these steps:

  1. You can download and install CRM/GiftWorks on to the new computer from
  2. Click the Download Now button below the version of CRM/GiftWorks you have purchased. (Your GiftWorks License Key will convert that installation from a "trial" into your fully licensed version)
  3. If your GiftWorks database is located on the old computer and not in a network folder (on a server),backup your GiftWorks database and then move the backup file from the old computer to the new one.
  4. If your GiftWorks database is in a network folder (on a server), start GiftWorks on the old computer, click the Options link next to the Database label, then scroll down to Show full database location so that it shows the path and file name of your database (.gds) file. Record the location of your GiftWorks database file (.gds).
  5. Finally, when you start up GiftWorks on the new computer, click the Options link again on the sign in screen.
  6. If you saved a backup from the old computer, choose Restore a backup database. Browse for the backup file (.gbf) and restore the GiftWorks database.
  7. Click the Options link again to select either the shared database location you recorded from the old computer or the restored database from the previous step. From there, you can sign in to that GiftWorks database
  8. Uninstall GiftWorks from the old computer.
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