Top 10 Things To Do When Setting Up GiftWorks


  1. Settings/Organization Options and Setup- Set your organization information such as organization name, contact information and fiscal year.
  2. Settings/Organization Options and Setup Set the default values for GiftWorks fields for both Donors and Donations.
  3. Settings/Fields, Lists and More Add and organize donor and donation custom fields to capture specific information for your organization.
  4. Settings/Fields, Lists and More Change GiftWorks Fields list values for your organization such as Campaigns, Appeals, Donor Source and Donor Groups.
  5. Settings/Fields, Lists and More Specify additional donor fields to be included when adding a new donor such as Donor Source or any of your custom fields.
  6. Settings/Security and Auditing Set your security such as setting an administrative password or, if Premium or Pro, setting your security level.
  7. Settings/Financial and Accounting Set your accounts or configure GiftWorks to work with QuickBooks. Setup your funds.
  8. Settings/Financial and Accounting Set your receipt options such as starting receipt number and receipt letter.
  9. Settings/Importing, Exporting and Data Management Import your donors and donations from your existing system.
  10. Settings/Importing, Exporting and Data Management Backup your database to a safe and secure location.


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