Configure GiftWorks To Update Your Online Calendars

GiftWorks allows you to add GiftWorks tasks to your online calendars. The current list of calendars supported by GiftWorks includes Google Calendar, Windows Live/Hotmail Calendar, and Microsoft Outlook. The tasks are added to these providers as calendar appointments. To start adding GiftWorks tasks to your online calendars, you will need to configure at least one of the online providers.

From the home page, choose Change My Settings -> Configure Online Connections

 If you are choosing either Google or Windows Live, you will need to authenticate GiftWorks to connect with the service. This is done in a series of steps identical for either provider.


After you enter your authentication, copy and paste your pin, and click Verify Connection, you will have the option to choose calendars.

Each of the calendars you choose during the configuration process for the calendar services will show up as options to check when adding a task to GiftWorks.

Google calendars Google allows you to add appointments to shared calendars if you have been given "Make changes to events" and "Make changes AND manage sharing". When you configure GiftWorks to work with Google calendar, you will be able to choose any calendars that either you own or you have been given the permission to make changes.

Windows Live/Hotmail calendars

Windows Live/Hotmail does not allow users to post to shared calendars even if you have been given read/write or even co-ownership of the calendar. This is a security measure added by Microsoft, so GiftWorks won't give you the option to choose any Windows Live/Hotmail calendars that you don't own.

Microsoft Outlook calendars

It is more difficult to tell what permission you have to add appointments to shared Microsoft Outlook calendars. GiftWorks will allow you to select any calendar during the configuration process. It will warn you when adding a task if it can't write to one or more of the calendars.

Adding Tasks

When adding a donor task or a non-donor task, the title of the appointment is constructed from information from the GiftWorks task. The formula is as follows: Task Title + Donor Name (if this is a donor task) + Grant Name (if this is a grant task).

When adding a task from the SmartUpdate "Add task to SmartList members", the title of the appointment is constructed in a more generic way so each donor of potentially many will not be individually listed. The formula is as follows: Task Title + SmartList Name

How it all works

Each time you add a task to GiftWorks and have at least one of the calendar service providers configured, you will have the option to add the task as an appointment to any of the calendars you selected during the configuration process. If you don't select one or more online calendars, the task will only be added to GiftWorks. If you do select one or more online calendars, each time an appointment is added, it will first look for a matching appointment and update if it finds a match.

If you are adding a new task to GiftWorks and choose to add it to your online calendar, GiftWorks will first check to see if it finds a match on the selected date and time as well as the title of the appointment. If it finds one it will update that appointment. This will help to prevent duplicate entries in the event that someone else already added the appointment to the calendar. This is helpful if you are editing a GiftWorks task that has already been added to one of your online calendars.

If you edit a GiftWorks task and choose to add the edited information to one of your online calendars, GiftWorks will first look for a task matching the pre-edited task information. If it finds a match it will update that appointment with the new date/time and title. If it doesn't find a match, GiftWorks will look for a match using the updated information next, updating as necessary. If GiftWorks doesn't find a match using either set of information, it will simply add an appointment with the updated information.

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