GiftWorks Premium Security Levels

Enhanced GiftWorks Security
GiftWorks Premium includes 3 levels of security to provide you with maximum flexibility in controlling access to one of your organization's most valuable assets - your data.

Basic Security
With basic security, the Settings area of GiftWorks is password protected. Settings is where GiftWorks is customized, data is imported and more. Only users with valid passwords can access this area.

Standard Security
GiftWorks Premium's standard security builds on the basic security. With standard security, user names and passwords are required for all GiftWorks users. No one can access GiftWorks without the appropriate user name and password.

Advanced Security
Advanced security with GiftWorks Premium includes the basic and standard features and adds additional protection based on the role of the user. Advanced security allows the nonprofit administrator to choose one of 4 roles for each user and have the level of access differ for each. The level of access can be customized per user as well. Options include the ability to restrict viewing of donations, editing of donors, importing and exporting data and more.

With these levels you can manage the access to your critical data to meet your organization's needs. Volunteers can manage volunteer projects without viewing donations; selected personnel can view donors without being able to send mail or emails. Interns can enter contact information without being able to edit existing data.

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