GiftWorks Pro - Paging

GiftWorks Pro includes paging when displaying lists that could include a lot of items. Examples are SmartLists, Address Validation, Transaction Register and Mailing List items.

When you Export a SmartList (or the Transaction Register) in GiftWorks Pro, ONLY the data on the current page being viewed will export. As an example, if you have a SmartList with 150 donors and the Rows per page is set at 100 and you are viewing the first page , only the first 100 donors will appear in the exported file. To export more of the data on a list at one time, you will need to change the Rows per page to a larger number. To do this, click on Customize and change the Rows per page. In this example, you could set the Rows per page to 150 to export all 150 donors at the same time.

The default setting for Default Rows Per Page is 100. The default setting for Maximum Rows Per Page is 5000

To change the default settings: Go to Settings / Organization Options and Setup / Change your Organization Preferences /Scroll down to the Display Information area.

Here you can choose the Default Rows Per Page and the Maximum Rows Per Page options.

Note:There may be cases with large lists where you cannot export all the items on a list at the same time.

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