GiftWorks Pro-Configure File Storage

In GiftWorks Pro, you are required to specify a location for your GiftWorks File Storage folder. This is different than GiftWorks Standard and GiftWorks Premium, where the GiftWorks File Storage folder is created automatically by GiftWorks and is located in the same directory as your GiftWorks Database (.gds) file.

Since GiftWorks Pro connects to a Microsoft SQL Server database and no longer uses a GiftWorks Database (.gds) file, you need to tell GiftWorks where to store your GiftWorks File Storage folder.

If you are in a multi-user environment, the GiftWorks File Storage folder should be stored in a shared location that is accessible (with full permissions) to everyone using GiftWorks.

If you have a single GiftWorks user, the GiftWorks File Storage folder could be located on your local computer.

Once you have created the location, you can use that location in the Choose Folder dialog when turning on GiftWorks File Storage in GiftWorks Pro. GiftWorks will create its own unique folder in this location for use with GiftWorks File Storage.

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