Understanding GiftWorks Anywhere, Citrix, and GiftWorks Live

What is GiftWorks Anywhere?

GiftWorks Anywhere is hosted (remote access) solution for GiftWorks that is available for users who may have remote offices, non-PC environments, or who just want to be able to access GiftWorks wherever they are. GiftWorks Anywhere is powered by Citrix technology and is available for avarietyof platforms PC, Mac, Linux, and more. GiftWorks Anywhere is safe and secure protected by multiple levels of encryption and other security measures. With GiftWorks Anywhere, you have all the features that are available with GiftWorks Premium including our GiftWorks Volunteers and GiftWorks Events addins. You also get unlimited phone support from the GiftWorks Customer Care team.

What is Citrix?

Citrix is an industry leader in hosted technologies. Simply put, Citrix allows you to run applications installed on it from anywhere in the world. After installing the Citrix client software, you can access GiftWorks anywhere.

What is GiftWorks Live?

GiftWorks Live is a website where you can use and manage GiftWorks Online Services. You will only have a GiftWorks Live account if you have purchased one of the GiftWorks Online Services. The services we currently offer are GiftWorks Web Collect and GiftWorks Data Protect.

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