How do I download the GiftWorks Anywhere client software?

Download and install the most current Citrix Client Software

GiftWorks Anywhere is powered by Citrix technology and you will need to download and install the client software to access GiftWorks Anywhere

If you are using a Tablet or Smart Phone:

You will want to visit the App store for your device and search for and install the Citrix client from there.

If you are using a Mac or Linux:

Go to and click on Downloads then choose Citrix Receiver. Click Download Now and then click on the View other devices link. Choose Linux or Mac and follow the steps to download and install. After you install Citrix, you will need to enter the following information.

Address or Server Name:

Username and Password:These are provided to you in the GiftWorks Anywhere Setup letter. Your Username starts with 'mr-'

Domain: applications2u

If you are using a Windows-based PC:

Go to:

Click Download

NOTE: If your Organization uses a Proxy server that limits access based on each application, your IT department may need to allow access to the ports on your network that are necessary to use the Citrix Receiver. Those ports are 80, 443, 1494 and 2598.

When the installation process starts, click the Install button.

You will then be prompted to enter in the work e-mail or server address.

Enter the following server address:

When prompted, enter the User and Password you were provided in the email that you were sent with and log on. 

Click the + sign to Add Your Favorite Apps

Click on All Applications on the left.

You will then see a list of the applications that are available to you.

Click once on File Explorer, GiftWorks, and any other applications that are listed. This will add them to the Citrix list in the middle of the screen.

After you have added your applications, you can click on GiftWorks to get started.

To Log off of GiftWorks Anywhere, click on down arrow beside your username at the top of the Citrix Receiver window and choose Log off.

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