GiftWorks 2015 - Donation File Attachment

GiftWorks has long had the ability to add files to donors so that you could store extra pictures, important files, etc. so that these documents and files would be stored and available to all GiftWorks users who are viewing the donor. In GiftWorks 2015 weve added the ability to store files with donations and pledge payments. Lets take a look at how this works. To get started, youll need to make sure that File Storage is configured for GiftWorks. This can be setup in the Settings >> Organization Options and Setup >> Configure Your GiftWorks File Storage area. (If you have already been adding files for your donors, then this setup has already been completed) If your file storage is turned off, you will need to turn it on.

File Storage Configuration - Turned Off

Click the Turn GiftWorks File Storage On button to get started.

File Storage Configuration - Turned On

Now when viewing a donation for a donor, you will see an option on the left menu to begin adding files for this donation.

Add a File Menu Option

Click the Add a File link to add a file to this donation. You can choose a file and provide a title, description, and date for the file.

Add a File Screen

On the Files tab when viewing a donation, you will see a list of files that have been added for the donation. The Options menu on the right side of the screen will allow you to do different things with the file including: Editing the details for the file that you've added Opening or viewing the file Saving a copy to your computer Deleting the file

Files Tab of a Donation

The ability to add files is also available for Pledge Payments and is accomplished in the same manner as a donation. When files are added to pledge payments, these files can be viewed on the Files tab of the pledge payment and they can also been seen when viewing the pledge. Keep in mind that all files from any of the pledge payments for a pledge will appear on the pledges Files tab.

Viewing Pledge Files

In the above image, notice that the pledge displays the files that are associated with 2 of the pledge payments that have been made toward this pledge. In the same way as pledges, all the files from donations and pledges will be visible from the donors Notes, Tasks, and Files tab.

Notes, Tasks, and Files Tab

This new GiftWorks 2015 feature will help you better track information about your donations, pledges and pledge payments and ensure that all the information is available within GiftWorks.

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