GiftWorks 2015 - Required Fields

GiftWorks 2015 includes a long awaited feature that can help you keep your donor and donation data clean. We encourage organizations to develop standards and policies for entering information into GiftWorks and GiftWorks 2015 includes the ability to enforce required fields when adding or editing donors and donations in GiftWorks. In the Settings area of GiftWorks 2015, there are two new options listed in the Fields, Lists, and More which allow you to choose which fields are required.

Fields, Lists, and More settings

When choosing either of these options, you are given the opportunity to choose which fields are required when adding or entering information. In addition to choosing which fields are required, you are also given the option to add a special message that the user will see if they do not provide the required information.

Choose Required Fields and Optionally Provide Special Message

When adding new donors or donations to GiftWorks, you will be prompted with a red asterisk (*) that visually alerts you that a field is required.

Adding a Donor with Required Fields

Keep in mind that there may be other fields marked with a red asterisk that are always required by GiftWorks. In the above screen, notice the Display Name field is always required regardless of whether not it was selected in the setup of the required fields. In the event you do not provide the required information, GiftWorks will provide you with information about the required fields that are missing. For required fields where you entered a special message, that message will be displayed to you.

Required Fields Warning

You will also see the required fields warning when editing existing donors. The fields will also be marked with a red asterisk (*) and you will receive a warning when you click the Save button if the required fields were not provided.

Required Fields When Editing a Donor

Required Fields When Saving a Donor

Required fields are also used when entering information into GiftWorks using SmartEntry pages. SmartEntry Pages are useful for entering a lot of information quickly, and are even more enhanced by ensuring that required information isnt missed.

Required Fields in SmartEntry Pages

Keep in mind that required fields will not be enforced when using the import, download, or batch tools within GiftWorks. GiftWorks includes the ability to secure the import tools so that administrators can ensure the quality of the data being imported. Required Fields will let you enforce the information policies for your organization inside of GiftWorks. This will help to improve the quality of data that is making its way into GiftWorks when adding or editing donors or donations.

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