What new features are included in GiftWorks 2015?

The following lists the features/enhancements that are included as part of GiftWorks 2015. GiftWorks 2015 also includes many bug fixes that are not specifically described in this document but improve GiftWorks.

Enhanced Integration with FirstGiving, FrontStream Fundraising and FastTransact

This past year, integration with FirstGiving, the FrontStream Fundraising platform (Artez) and FastTransact was introduced. In GiftWorks 2015, this integration has been improved to provide additional information to enhance your fundraising efforts.

  • FirstGiving and FrontStream Fundraising

    • Download event registrants, fundraisers and team information (teams and captains).

    • Event donations that are downloaded are associated with an event, team and/or fundraiser.

    • Donations that are downloaded handle directed/restricted and tributes better.

    • Donations that are downloaded can be applied to outstanding pledge payments.

    • Optionally, download event registration fees.

    • Fundraising information is tracked in GiftWorks for donors and donations.

    • SmartLists criteria and columns based on fundraising information are available.

    • New and enhanced fundraising reporting.

  • FastTransact

    • Download donations for multiple pages at one time.

    • Donations that are downloaded handle directed/restricted and tributes better.

    • Donations that are downloaded can be applied to outstanding pledge payments.

  • FirstGiving and FastTransact

    • Confirmation page when credit card processed successfully.

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Process Recurring Profiles

GiftWorks 2015 includes a new feature which builds upon the previously released recurring donations functionality. Instead of just tracking recurring donation profiles for your donors, you can now use built in tools to easily create donations in GiftWorks based on the donors schedule of giving. Even more, you can also store credit card information for your donors and then actually process the donations using the donors credit card on a daily, weekly, monthly, annual, etc. period to ensure that you are getting the donations on a regular schedule.

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Import Memberships

Membership tracking was first introduced in GiftWorks 2014 and allows you to track membership programs, level, benefits, and more. GiftWorks 2015 includes a new feature which allows you to import memberships and membership donations into GiftWorks so that you can quickly get started using memberships. Or if you need to transfer memberships from another system to GiftWorks on a regular basis, this new feature will make importing those memberships quick and easy.

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Configure Donor and Donation Required Fields

GiftWorks 2015 includes a long awaited feature that can help you keep your donor and donation data clean. We encourage organizations to develop standards and policies for entering information into GiftWorks and GiftWorks 2015 includes the ability to enforce required fields when adding or editing donors and donations in GiftWorks.

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Attach Files to Donations

GiftWorks has long had the ability to add files to donors so that you could store extra pictures, important files, etc. so that these documents and files would be stored and available to all GiftWorks users who are viewing the donor. In GiftWorks 2015 weve added the ability to store files with donations and pledge payments.

Files attached to a donation or pledge payment are available when viewing the gift. Also, file attachments for donations and pledge payments are available when viewing the donor or viewing the pledge.

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View Donor, View Donation and View Pledge Layout Improvements

GiftWorks already had separate tabs to organize all the information available when viewing a donor. In GiftWorks 2015, we've added sub-tabs to the Donations tab when viewing a donor to make it easier to view donations and recurring profiles. We've also added tabs when viewing a donation, pledge payment or a pledge. We've also improved and standardized the way sections within a tab can be rearranged according to each user's preference. Both tab and section preferences can be rearranged using the Customize link.

More Pledge Totals for Donor SmartLists

Previous versions of GiftWorks included limited Pledge History criteria and column options for Donor SmartLists. In GiftWorks 2015, we've added many new Pledge History options such as pledged amount, largest pledge, average pledge and more for total, current year/fiscal year, previous year/fiscal year and custom periods.

New SmartUpdate Options

  • New SmartUpdate to reset the salutation and/or addressee to the default values for donors.

  • New SmartUpdate to update the organization name for donors.

  • New SmartUpdate to update the address for donors.

SmartList Improvements

  • Show donors, donations or pledges count for My Favorite SmartLists.

  • Partial mailing title criteria for Donor, Donation and Pledge SmartLists.

  • Directed To criteria for Donor SmartLists.

  • Donor Source and Status are available as columns for Donation and Pledge SmartLists.

Mailing Improvements

  • Option to sort mailing lists alphabetically.

  • Options to print, export and email the Mailing History.

  • Mailing History option to View Donors For Mailing.

  • Phone numbers and email addresses are available to include on labels and envelopes.

  • Active membership fields are available to include on labels and envelopes.

Report Improvements

  • Assigned To is included in summary section of Donor Summary and Donor Events Summary reports.

  • Honorarium/Memorial Title is available as column on Donation reports.

  • Donor Source, Status and Assigned To are available as columns for Donation reports.

  • Donor Group is available as Chart Metric On Donation History and Recurring Profiles reports.

Miscellaneous Enhancements and Bug Fixes

As always, this upgrade includes many small enhancements and bug fixes that will improve the GiftWorks experience for all our users. This includes bug fixes for Events and Volunteers.

The following are some of the small enhancements:

  • Inactive users are hidden from being assigned to donors and tasks.

  • Appeal and Directed Purpose are available as columns when viewing Transaction Register.

  • Donors Dashboard options to view donors with Recently Added or Changed Notes, Tasks or Files.

  • Options to export and email the list from Find Duplicate Donors.

  • Option to Merge this Donor when viewing a donor.

  • Directed To is available as import field for donations.

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