FrontStream CRM Integrated With TruistConnect

As part of our commitment to continuously update and enhance the integration between GiftWorks, the FrontStream CRM, and our other products, we have recently introduced integration between GiftWorks 2015 and the Truist Connect platform. This integration will enable organizations to download the transaction details for any donations resulting from corporate giving campaigns managed by the WorkPlace Philanthropy platform and directed to their organization.

Let’s take a quick look at how this integration works.

When an organization receives a distribution payment for donations directed to their organization through the WorkPlace Philanthropy platform, they will receive information about their Truist Connect organization account information. Truist Connect is used by organizations to review the distribution payments sent to their organization.

The organization Account Id and Access Code can be found with the most recent workplace giving funds directed to an organization – either on the check stub for physical payments or the confirmation email for EFT payments. These organization login credentials are also available if a user logs into their Truist Connect account and follows the ‘CRM’ link at the top of the screen. 

This information is very important since it will be used in GiftWorks during the integration setup process. 

Having the details about the donors and donation amounts in GiftWorks for the distribution payments received by an organization is important for follow up, new solicitation, reporting, etc. The GiftWorks integration with Truist Connect makes this information easy to download and use. 


Step 1: Creating a Frontstream CRM/GiftWorks database

If you are new to Frontstream CRM/GiftWorks, you will need to first create your own database.    Click here for steps on setting up your Frontstream CRM/GiftWorks database.

Step 2: Setting up Custom fields to store incoming data

You will need to create custom fields to correspond to fields from Truist Connect. These custom fields will collect data from those Truist Connect fields.

  1. Go to Settings > Fields, Lists, and More > Manage Donation Custom Fields.
  2. Click "Add a New Field" > you will choose the field type in the menu, and click Next.
  3. Type the field name, and a description if desired. NOTE: Do not assign a default in the "Default Value" field.
  4. Click "Save" when finished.

 You will need to create these custom fields very specifically:

  1. a) Create a Textbox type field called “Truist Designation”
  2. b) Create a Currency type field called "Fee Amount"
  3. c) Create a Checkbox type field called "Is Match"
  4. d) Create a Number type field called "Pledge ID"
  5. e) Create a Textbox type field called "Truist Payment Type"

Step 3: Truist Connect Integration Setup in GiftWorks

You’ll need to ensure that you’re properly connected to your Truist Connect within GiftWorks. This is done in the Settings >> Tools, Updates, and Integration >> Truist Connect Integration area where you’ll enter your login information for your organization (Account Id and Access Code). 

After this information is entered into GiftWorks, click the Verify button. You’ll be presented with the Terms and Conditions. Please read these terms and conditions carefully before agreeing, and once you agree to these, your integration will be setup.

Integration Setup in GiftWorks Complete

First, in the middle of the screen, review the selected date in the Configure Your Download Settings section. You can change this date to only download distributions paid after a selected date. You may want to change this if you have old distribution payments that already have the donors and donations recorded in GiftWorks.

Step 4: Download Truist Connect Donations

Near the bottom of the screen, you’ll notice that there is a “Download Your Donations into GiftWorks” section with a link to download donations into GiftWorks. This is the link we’ll choose to use the new integration capabilities in GiftWorks 2015.

Note: This option is also available from the Donors and Donations Dashboards and Overview pages. 

The screen above shows the steps that are used to download the Truist Connect donations into GiftWorks. It includes: 

  1. Get the latest distributions from Truist Connect - Distribution payments are downloaded from Truist Connect into a “holding area” in GiftWorks. The individual donor portions for each payment will be available to be imported (downloaded) as donations into GiftWorks.
  2. Add downloaded Truist Connect distributions to GiftWorks - Once distribution payments have been downloaded from Truist Connect, this option can be used to process the payments and import (download) donations into GiftWorks. 

In general, you should follow the steps in order to ensure an orderly download. But you do not need to use Step 1 to get the latest distributions every time if there are already distributions waiting to be imported (downloaded) into GiftWorks. 

Use the Download now link in Step 1 to download the latest distributions from Truist Connect. The screen below shows the results of this action. 

The screen shows that 3 distribution payments were downloaded into the “holding area” and these 3 distributions consist of 71 transactions that are available to be imported into GiftWorks as donations. 

Download Truist Connect Donations

Use the Process now link in Step 2 to import (download) individual donor transactions for selected distributions as donations into GiftWorks. 

Distribution Payments List

The screen above lists the distribution payments that are in the “holding area” and have individual donor transactions ready to be downloaded as donations. 

Each distribution displays information about the payment that can be used to verify against the actual payment that should have been received (either by check or electronically). Distribution check payments that have not cleared (i.e. do not have a clear date)will not be able to be imported. 

NOTE: The Payment Number column provides important information that you will need in order to create a list of the transactions in FrontStream CRM. You will need to PRINT this screen or write down each Payment Number so you can use that as criteria to create a list after the donations are downloaded.

Select one or more distributions to import and click Next. 

The screen below shows the list of donation transactions from the selected distributions that are available to be imported (downloaded) as donations into GiftWorks. 

Distribution Payments Donations List

From the previous screen, you can see information about the donations that will be downloaded. 

Here are a few columns to be noted. 

The “Directed” column includes special instructions the donor provided about how the gift should be used.

The “Source” column will contain the corporate giving campaign that generated the donation. 

The Tribute column will contain information from “In Honor of” or “In Memory of” gifts. 

The “Matching” column is used to match the donation to the appropriate donor in GiftWorks. This provides choices for letting GiftWorks do the matching or manually choosing a specific donor or to add a new donor. 

The “Match Payment” column will indicate if a donation that is being downloaded matches an outstanding pledge payment in GiftWorks. If so, the donation will be used to credit the outstanding pledge payment to ensure that pledges are being properly maintained. 

The “Designation” column will contain the charity name on the donor pledge record. 

You can use click on a donation transaction and use the Edit Transaction link in the summary panel at the bottom to edit the details of the transaction. 

The next screen will contain a variety of options when downloading the donations into GiftWorks. 

Donation Options

Be sure to review these options to best understand how they affect your donations:

  1. You are required to choose a fund for the donations to be downloaded into GiftWorks.                                                                                                          
  2. The Appeal option allows you to choose whether or not you want to use the information in the “Source” column (which is a reference to the corporate giving campaign that generated the donation) to be designated as the “Appeal” on the donations being downloaded into GiftWorks.                        
  3. The Contribution Amount option allows you to choose if you'd like the donation gross or net amount to be downloaded into GiftWorks for reporting.  
  4. The Designation, Fee Amount, Matching, Pledge Id, and Donor Payment Type options allow you to choose a custom field in GiftWorks to store the respective Truist values for the donations being downloaded into GiftWorks.   
  5. With the Tribute Options, when downloading donations with tributes into GiftWorks, you will have the option to create the tribute in GiftWorks and associate it with the donation. Most often you will want to choose the option to create the tribute.

After picking your preferred options, click the Next button.

When you are ready to download the donations, click the “Download Transactions” button and your progress will be shown on the screen. 

Download Donations

The last screen of the process displays summary information about the donations that have been downloaded. 

Finishing Up

The integration between GiftWorks and the Truist Connect platform provides a powerful connection between your donor and donation management and corporate giving fundraising. This will help you to be more effective in your fundraising by ensuring that all your information is available through GiftWorks for solicitation, reporting, communication, and relationship building.

Step 5: Viewing your Donations in FronstStream CRM

After you download the donations you will need to create a SmartList to view the donations.

Click on the SmartLists icon at the top of the screen.  Choose to Create a New SmartList and choose Donations.

Click to select the criteria category and choose Payment Details > Transaction ID (this field is the equivalent to the Payment Number field that is displayed during the download process - see below)

Enter in the Payment Number with an * behind it.   This will ensure that all donations from that batch are included on this list.   In the example below, you can see that Payment Number 1649165 was included in the download.  

You will need to enter 1649165* into the Transaction ID field and then click Next.

This will list all of the donations associated with payment Number 1649165.

You can now click on the Customize link and choose to show the columns of information you need displayed.

Click Next when finished and Name and Save the SmartList.

You can then Print or Export this list.  

To Print, click the Print link at the top right corner above the SmartList.

To Export, click the Export this List option on the left side of the screen, then choose Save to File.  Choose a format and name for your file then choose a location on your computer to save the file.   Click Finish.

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