Creating a new database file

After you install FrontStream CRM and register your license key, you will need to create a new FrontStream CRM (GiftWorks) database file.

Click Next on the ‘Get Started’ screens until you get to the ‘Select a GiftWorks Database’ screen. Choose the ‘Create a new database’ option and click Next.

*If you have already been using FrontStream CRM, open GiftWorks but do not sign in.  Click the "Options" link to the right of the Database Name field.  Chosoe the 'Create a new database ' option and click Next.

Name your GiftWorks database. The name you give your database will be translated into a file name by GiftWorks, and will be the name that appears at the top left corner of the GiftWorks window and in other locations as you use GiftWorks. The default name is My Donor Data and the default location is your My Documents directory. You can change either of those to suit your needs.

For the database name, you may just want to use your organization’s name, or perhaps some other relevant and descriptive name.

If you want to save your database file to somewhere other than your My Documents directory, click the file location link, and then browse to the location on your computer or network where you want to store the file.

If your organization has more than one GiftWorks user, you’ll want to save the database file in a location that all users can access (for example, a shared directory on your server). When you finish entering your database name and file location, click Next.

Click Finish. You are now ready to sign in to your new database and get started with GiftWorks.

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