Enabling dynamic donation amounts

In this article, you will learn how to enable dynamic donation amounts so you can leverage your event data to dynamically determine which suggested donation amounts should be displayed on your donation pages.

Step 1 From the administrator console, find the event that you want to enable dynamic donation amounts for.

Step 2 From the left menu options, click on Suggested Donation Amounts. On the Suggested Donations Amounts page, you will find a section called Dynamic Donation Amounts.


• If you are enabling dynamic suggested amounts for a newly created event, you will have the option to enter a base suggested donation amount or have our algorithm leverage data from another event. 

• If there is sufficient data in the event for the algorithm to leverage, you will only see the option to Enable or Disable the feature.

Step 3 Click Save

Once dynamic donation amounts are enabled, donors will be able to view them on the donation pages (Solicited/unsolicited donation page, mobile donation page, Facebook Friendship Powered donation page, Facebook Friendship Powered mobile donation page, and self-sponsor post registration donation page).

Below are screenshots from an event that has dynamic suggested donation amounts enabled.

Tip: Seven dynamic donation amounts will be presented to donors as well as the "Other” option.

Big Browser View:

Mobile View:

Tip: Since we leverage your event data to determine which amounts are displayed to donors, your suggested donation amounts are likely to change as more donations are made to the event.


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