Enabling event vanity URLs

This article is applicable to clients that are currently using our custom URLs (If you're interested in customizing your event URL, please contact your account manager).

With our vanity URLs, you can now easily define a friendly URL for your event and event locations.

How to Define a Vanity URL for an Event

NOTE: Before you are able to view the Page Alias fields, you will need to make sure that the following option is enabled in your Event Settings.

Step 1 From the administrator console, search for the event.

Step 2 From the left menu options, click Event Summary and then click Edit Information.

Step 3 In the Page Alias field enter the value for your event vanity URL. Please note that if you not have the Vanity URL setting enabled in your Event Settings, you will not see the field for Page Alias

Step 4 Click Submit

How to Define a Location Vanity URL

In addition to the event URL you can also define a vanity URL for each location.

Step 1 From the administrator console, go to the event.

Step 2 From the left menu options, click Locations and then select the location.

Step 3 Click Edit Information.

Step 4 In the Page Alias field enter the value for your location vanity URL.

Step 4 Click Submit

Now that you have defined the vanity URLs for your event and its locations you can quickly access them in theImportant Links (Event Summary-> Important Links) section.

There is more! 

We have also made easy links to the registration, donation and search pages. Once you have defined your event vanity URL, you can simply add a slash followed by the words Register, Search or Donate. See the examples below.

Same applies for French events:

Note: The words register, search and donate cannot be customized.

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