Moving Microsoft SQL Server to a new server

Step 1:

Back up the SQL database on the existing Microsoft SQL Server.  Copy that back up file to a removable drive or disk

Step 2: 

Install Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio on the new server.

Below is an article that will assist you with this:

Step 3:

Restore the Microsoft SQL Server backup into the new Microsoft SQL Server

The links below will assist you with the backup and restore process (Steps 1 and 3):



Step 4:

After you restore the back up in the new Microsoft SQL Server, you will need to point all GiftWorks installations to the new location of the Microsoft SQL Server database.

For the Server Name, you will need to know either the name of the default instance or the named instance. A default instance will look something like MyServer versus an instance name which will look like MyServer\MyInstance. For the username/password, if you are using Windows Authentication, you will leave the username and password field blank. GiftWorks Pro will use the credentials that you used to log into your computer to authenticate with Microsoft SQL Server. If you are using SQL Server Authentication, you will enter the appropriate username and password.

Click Next. Choose your GiftWorks user name and click Done. Click Sign In.


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