Featured: 4 Donation Options Charities Wish They Knew

#1 Allow Donors to Cover Your Processing Fee

How Does It Work?

When this option is enabled on your donation form, a checkbox will be visible under the donation amount field. If your donor selects this option, the associated processing fee will be added to the donation amount.

After the donor enters their gift value in the donation amount field, the processing fee amount is automatically calculated and displayed to the user.

Click here to find out how you can enable the processing fee option.

Donor View:


#2 Enable Dynamic Donation Amounts

Incredible Fact: Enabling dynamic donation amounts increases fundraising results by 20%!

How Does It Work?

We’ve developed an intelligent fundraising engine that reacts to the ongoing results of your campaign. As more people give through your donation form, our fundraising engine reviews your data and determines which donation levels to display. This fundraising engine will help you continuously increase your average donation amount.

Donor View:

#3 Enable a Monthly Payment Option

Asking donors to give monthly can improve your fundraising performance and retain your donors for a longer period of time.

Read this article and enable your monthly payment option!


#4 Enable Matching Gifts Option

Available at no additional cost to Canadian and US Artez clients, our integration with HEPData allows donors on the Artez platform to easily check if their employer offers matching gifts.

Click here to find out how to enable this feature.


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