Creating custom SMS template

Edit – The edit icon allows the merchant to edit the data within a template. 
View – The view icon allows the merchant to view the data within a template. 
Active – The active icon allows the merchant to change the status of the template between active and inactive. 
Delete – The delete icon allows the merchant to delete the template completely so it is no longer stored in our database.
Scheduled Date – This is the date the notification will be sent to consumers. 

To create a new SMS notification click the Create Custom SMS button in the upper right corner of the screen.

Template Name – This field will contain the name of the template for easy reference on the main template screen. 
Template Description – This can be a short description of the custom template. 
SMS To Number – This field can be filled in with an individual mobile phone number, multiple mobile phone numbers separated by a semi-colon or the variable [[ALL]] to email all enrolled consumers who have requested to receive SMS messages.
Variables – The variable list allows a merchant to insert standardized field information into a template to create a more customized email notification. For custom emails the variable list has been modified to only display applicable variables.

SMS Text – This is where the merchant will enter the customized text for the notification. SMS messages only allow for 160 characters so the merchant will need to be aware of this when creating the text. 

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