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Course Intro    

Artez emails will give you the control over how and when you communicate to your participants and donors. 

Let's learn about the power of Artez emails:

Automated Emails

We provide a set of automated emails with default content which you can customize at any time. Some of these system-generated emails are part of our intelligent fundraising engine, allowing you to configure your emails based on your fundraiser's milestones. You can also set your emails to go out when there is lack of fundraising activity.


Enable the following emails:

• All emails under “Individual Registrant Messages to their Donors” 
 All four Fundraising Goal Reached emails.
• All emails under “Organizational Reminder Messages to Registrants”
• “Admin Notification - New Sponsor” email

Custom Emails

You can create your own custom email and trigger it to go out to people that meet your specific criteria. 

Use case scenarios

  • Send a monthly newsletter to all your supporters
  • Send a custom email to your registrants so you can remind them about your upcoming event and volunteer opportunities.
  • Send a special thank you email to donors who have donated over $100.

Create your own custom email. Don't forget to add some filter conditions. 

Email Design

Watch the below video to see how you can add a header and a footer image to your emails. You can create multiple email layouts and apply them to different emails. 

Create a layout and apply the design to all your emails.

Excellent job on completing the course! For more resources on Artez email functionality click me.
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