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Welcome to Artez!

We offer a wide range of free professional development opportunities for new Artez users as well as for existing clients. All our courses and training resources are updated on a regular basis to ensure your learning grows as we grow. 

To find your learning path, see which of the below types best describe(s) you.

* WAIT! If you are a brand new user, ensure you complete these three steps first:

Type A Events Expert (show my learning path)
I manage events and campaigns. I create and maintain event pages.

Type B Relationships Master (show my learning path): 
I manage registrant, donor and event data. I update records and read reports.

Type C Data Guru (show my learning path)
I'm a data person. I need to use data entry and import to add cash & cheque donations.

Type D Jack of All Trades (show my learning path):
I'm a primary Artez user. I need to know everything about the system.

Based on the result, use the below suggested training paths to design your learning!

If you are Type A (Events Expert), choose courses that are relevant to your needs:

If you are Type B (Relationships Master),

If you are Type C (Data Guru)

If you are Type D (Fantastic Jack of All Trades),

Complete the courses in this order (as simple as ABC!):

  1. Type A courses
  2. Type B courses
  3. Type C courses 

If you need additional help with designing your learning path, please let us know ( Our training specialist will be happy to work with you to create a path that's right for you!

Have fun learning. 

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