How to integrate Fundraising Pro with FrontStream CRM

In 2014, integration with the FrontStream Enterprise Fundraising platform was first introduced. This integration enabled organizations to seamlessly download donation information received through their online fundraising efforts into GiftWorks. GiftWorks 2015 builds upon this integration by enabling organizations to download event registrants, fundraisers, team information (teams and captains), and more so that this information can be used to enhance fundraising efforts. Lets take a quick look at how this integration works. In the FrontStream Enterprise Fundraising platform, well look at a typical fundraising event page. This fundraising page for The Great Event includes information about the fundraisers that are involved with the event and the teams that are formed to support the event.

The Great Event Fundraising Page

In addition, there is the ability to donate directly to an organization.

Donate to the Organization

As the fundraising for your organization grows and expands, having this information in GiftWorks is important for follow up, new solicitation, reporting, etc. GiftWorks 2015 makes this information easy to download and use. Lets see how we download this information into GiftWorks. First, youll need to ensure that youre properly connected to your FrontStream Enterprise Fundraising account within GiftWorks. This is done in the Settings >> Tools, Updates, and Integration >> Artez Interactive Integration area where youll enter your login and security information.

Enterprise Fundraising Integration Setup in GiftWorks

An API Password is required on the previous screen. This API Password can be found by logging into the E2RM Administration website.

API Password Information

After this information is entered into GiftWorks, click the Verify button. Youll be presented with the Terms and Conditions. Please read these terms and conditions carefully before agreeing, and once you agree to these, your integration will be setup.

Integration Setup in GiftWorks Complete

Near the bottom of the screen, youll notice that there is a Download Your Information into GiftWorks option. This is the option well choose to use the new integration capabilities in GiftWorks 2015.

Download Fundraising Information

The screen above shows the 3 types of information that can be downloaded into GiftWorks. It includes:

  1. Fundraiser, Event, and Team information - fundraising registrations are downloaded into GiftWorks. Fundraisers are those individuals who have registered to be part of an event, joined a team, or have created a team.
  2. Online Donations - any donations that have been given to your organization.
  3. Registration Fees - any registration fees that have been paid as part of registering for an event. If you dont want to track registration fees as donations in GiftWorks, simply skip this step.

In general, you should follow the order of these to ensure an orderly download. Lets start with Step #1.

Connect to the Enterprise Fundraising platform to Retrieve Fundraising Registrations

GiftWorks will display the number of fundraising registrations that are available to download. Note: When this download process is complete, GiftWorks will inform the online platform that these fundraising registrations have already been downloaded so that they are not downloaded again at a later time. Click the Next button.

Fundraising Registration Details

GiftWorks now displays a list of all the fundraising registrations that are available to download. There are a number of options on this page:

  1. You can click on an individual fundraising registration to view more details in the lower box. You can also edit this information to make changes prior to downloading into GiftWorks.
  2. You can uncheck fundraising registrations if you do not want to download certain registrations at this time.
  3. You can click the link in the Matching column. Most often this link will say Automatic which most often means that GiftWorks will add a new donor. This column may also indicate if a donor was already found in GiftWorks through its donor matching process.

In addition to the registration information (donor name, etc.) you can also see the team name, the event name, and more. Once youve reviewed the fundraising registrations in this list, click the Next button.

An Additional Option

GiftWorks provides an option to be able to optionally add any donors that get downloaded in the process to a Mailing List in GiftWorks. When youve made the selection, click the Next button.

Ready to Download

When you're ready, you can click the Download Registrations button. This will begin the process of downloading the registrations, adding any information to GiftWorks, and then updating the Enterprise Fundraising platform with the results (so that these registrations are not downloaded in the future). You will see the progress that is made on the screen as the registrations are downloaded.

Download Results

GiftWorks has successfully downloaded this information as shown on the screen above.

The Specific Details of the Download Process

GiftWorks will provide a summary of what was completed in this process. There are 2 more steps in this process, but before we move on to the next steps, lets quickly review some of the information that was downloaded into GiftWorks. If we go to the donor dashboard, we will see the new donors (fundraising registrants) that have been added to GiftWorks (Sue Wallace).

Donor Dashboard

If we view Sue Wallace's donor information and click on the Details tab, we will see a Fundraising Information section dedicated to her fundraising involvement.

Details Tab for Sue Wallace

In the screen above, you will see that through Artez Interactive she was involved with the Omars Great Event and that she was on the Team Dell team. The History Tab for Sue will also indicate how this information was added to GiftWorks.

History Tab 

In addition to the fundraising registration information that's been downloaded into GiftWorks, the team and event information has also been downloaded. This can be viewed in the Settings >> Fields, Lists, and More >> Change GiftWorks Built-In Fields area.

Events and Teams



Lets return to the download process and complete the other 2 steps.

Downloading Online Donations

Step 2 of the process downloads donation information into GiftWorks. This functionality was introduced in the previous version of GiftWorks but has been enhanced in GiftWorks 2015. The process is similar to step #1 but with options applicable to donations. Lets look at the list of donations.

Donation List

In the list above, you can see a $25 donation given from Bill Smith. This donation was given through Sue Wallaces fundraising page. The following screen shows more information from this list and the last column includes information about the fundraiser (in this case, Sue Wallace).

Donation Fundraiser Information

From the previous 2 screens, you can see a few new pieces of information that will be downloaded. The Events and Source column include information that will be downloaded with the donation. The Match Payment column will indicate if a donation that is being downloaded matches an outstanding pledge payment. If so, the donation will be used to credit the outstanding pledge payment to ensure that pledges are being properly maintained. Also take note of the directed column. If your organization wants to allow the donor to designate a directed purpose/restriction for their donation and then download that information into the Directed field in a donation in GiftWorks, a User Defined Field in the Enterprise Fundraising platform will need to be created and the Data Transfer ID needs to be set to GiftWorksRestriction. By setting this up, the directed/restricted information will be downloaded into the Directed field in the GiftWorks donation. The Tribute column will contain information from In Honor of or In Memory of gifts. In the previous version of GiftWorks, the tribute information was included in the Directed column during the download. The next screen will contain a variety of options when downloading donations into GiftWorks.

Donation Options

Be sure to review these options to best understand how they affect your donations. The Appeal option allows you to choose whether or not you want to use the information in the Source column (which is a reference to the specific event page that facilitated the donation/payment) to be designated as the Appeal on the donation/payment being downloaded into GiftWorks. When downloading this donation into GiftWorks, you will have the option to create the tribute in GiftWorks and associate it with the donation. Most often you will want to choose the option to create the tribute. The Soft-credit options are especially important and control how a fundraiser will be credited for a donation received as part of their fundraising efforts. When you are ready, click the Next button. When you are ready to download the donations, click the Download Transactions button and your progress will be shown on the screen.

Download Donations

The last screen of the process displays summary information about the donations that have been downloaded.

Finishing Up

When viewing the donation we just downloaded, we can see how this information can be helpful in better understanding the fundraising surrounding this donation.

Donation Information

Notice how Sue Wallace (the fundraiser whose donation page generated this donation) has been soft-credited for the donation. Also notice the Fundraiser Information section which includes the Event information for this donation.

Step #3 of the process downloads Registration Fees. This process is almost identical to Step #2 and well skip going through the details of that process.

But lets look at a few other areas in GiftWorks where this integration with the FrontStream Enterprise Fundraising platform is helpful. SmartLists will include criteria that will help you discover and create meaningful lists based on powerful fundraising criteria.

Donor SmartList Criteria

Notice the Fundraising Info section where you can see criteria like: Is a Fundraiser = who is actively raising funds through an online page/event? Is a Team Captain = who is leading a team and soliciting others to be involved? Any Event Participant = registered for a specific event or events Any Event Team Member = member of a specific team or teams Donated to Event = what donors gave to specific events and much more When creating a donation SmartList, there is Fundraising criteria available also.

Donation SmartList Criteria

Reports are also available to give you access to lists, charts, and graphs related to your fundraising information.

Donor Reports

Donation Reports

These reports will help you better understand who is fundraising on your behalf, how many fundraising dollars are being generated, and who are your most active and productive fundraisers and advocates. For instance, the following report shows the comparison of dollars raised for your events.

Donations by Event


The enhanced integration between GiftWorks 2015 and the FrontStream Enterprise Fundraising platform provides a powerful connection between your donor and donation management and your online fundraising efforts. This will help you to be more effective in your fundraising by ensuring that all your information is available through GiftWorks for solicitation, reporting, communication, and relationship building.

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