Stopping the Constant Contact integration

If you need to stop the sync between GiftWorks and Constant Contact and you have added donors to the Mailing Lists in GiftWorks since the last sync, you will want to follow the steps below in order to aviod needing to manually re-add those donors to those lists.


STEP 1: Write down all Constant Contact Mailing Lists

Go to Mailings > Manage Mailing lists

Write down all of the Constant Contact Mailing list names


Enewsletter (Constant Contact)

Fall Mailing (Constant Contact)


STEP 2: Create Donor Groups for each Mailing List

Go to Settings/ Fields, Lists & more/ Change GiftWorks Built-in Fields/ Donor Groups

Add a Donor Group for EACH of the Constant Contact Mailing lists

Name the Donor Groups the EXACT same as the Constant Contact Mailing List with CC in front


CC Enewsletter

CC Fall Mailing


STEP 3: Create a SmartList based on the EXISTING Constant Contact Mailing Lists (Note you will create a list for each of the Constant Contact Mailing Lists)

Create a New SmartList

Pick the bottom option to “Create a New SmartList based on an existing one”

Choose the All Donors and Affiliate Donors SmartList > click Next > Click Refine >click Append More > Click to add criteria and choose: Mailing History > Any Mailing List > Enewsletter > Click ok > click Done

Click Next and Name the SmartList “Enewsletter Mailing List”


STEP 4:  Run a SmartUpdate for List to add all donors to the Donor Group

On the left side of the SmartList, click on the option to “Run SmartUpdate for List”

**Back up GiftWorks as we recommend on this screen**

Choose the option “Add SmartList Members to Groups”

Click Next

Choose ‘CC Enewsletter’ Group

Click Finish when done processing


STEP 5:  Edit the SmartList

Go back to SmartList named “Enewsletter Mailing List”

Edit SmartList

Click on ‘Refine”

Remove the criteria of ‘Mailing lists is Enewsletter

Click Append More> Click to add criteria and choose: Development info> Group > check the box for ‘CC Enewsletter’ Group

Click Ok then Done

Click Next

Rename the SmartList CC Enewsletter Group

Click Save


**Repeat Steps for each Constant Contact Mailing List you have

This will allow you to have SmartLists with all of the donors that were in the existing Constant Contact Mailings Lists.

After you redo the sync, you can easily add the contents of each SmartList back into the corresponding Constant Contact Mailing Lists if they do not already appear in the lists.


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