Windows 10 hot-fix

Frontstream has created a hot-fix for the issue of CRM/GiftWorks compatibility running on a machine with Windows 10 operating system installed.  CRM/GiftWorks uses components of Windows to run. The new Windows 10 operating system has components that will not allow CRM/GiftWorks to be minimized, maximized, or re-sized while using.  The hot-fix we have developed will resolve this issue.

Please close CRM/GiftWorks and click on the hot-fix below to download and install on your desktop.

After the hot-fix is installed on your desktop, run the hot-fix.  You will then get a message that the hot-fix has run successfully.  You can then open CRM/GiftWorks and you will now be able to minimize, maximize, or re size CRM/GiftWorks program without issue.

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