What reporting is available for the nonprofit?

Nonprofits can set up a login to the FirstGiving reporting area, where they can view and download a Payment Details Report, corresponding with each monthly check or weekly EFT payment.

Please note that these FirstGiving reports are not real-time.  They only include details about donations that have already been disbursed in a batch payment to the nonprofit organization.  Recent donations that have not yet been disbursed would not be included until the next payment batch.

Once logged in, to access the Payment Details Report, go to the REPORTS tab, then click PAYMENT REPORTS.  You'll then see a list of each payment, and you can click on the green dollar-sign icon to access a particular report.

The Payment Details Report will provide an itemized list of all of the donations that were included in that batch, including:

  • Payment reference
  • Period end date
  • Transaction date
  • Transaction reference
  • Donation Source
  • Donor ID
  • Donor Name
  • Donor Address
  • Donor email
  • Donation Amount (Gross)
  • Fees
  • Net Payment Amount


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