Do you have any code examples using the API?

Below are sample codes that have been published in the open domain. You are free to use and modify it as you see fit. Partners can reference the API documentation at any time for help. Unfortunately, FirstGiving does not assist with custom development and programming. Developers are encouraged to use the FirstGiving API Google Groups Community to ask their peers questions.

FirstGiving API developer documentation:

Here is an example of headers when sending a payment with the API using curl

curl -X POST -H "JG_APPLICATIONKEY: 7e893cc2-f2ff-11e1-8b11-32242137b0cd" -H "JG_SECURITYTOKEN: 7d45d19a-f2ff-11e1-8b11-32242137b0cd" -d "ccNumber=4111111111111111&ccType=VI&ccExpDateMonth=01&ccExpDateYear=2014&ccCardValidationNum=123&billToFirstName=Walter&billToLastName=White&billToAddressLine1=1+Main+St.&billToCity=Albuquerque&billToState=NM&billToZip=87101&billToCountry=US&"

Here is an example of sending a refund request with the API using curl

curl -X GET -H “JG_APPLICATIONKEY: 434a712a-31ec-4c00-a3bf-782897af27e5″ -H “JG_SECURITYTOKEN: 35afbf1-07e4-4886-88f7-3ce34680eb6f”
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