Activation Checklist

There are just a few steps that we suggest you complete before making your donation request form available to the public. Customize the following pieces, and then you are ready to start receiving requests! You can make all further customizations at any point once requests are being received.

1. Add a logo/banner to your request form. This step is important to do first so that any emails the requester receives from the system will be branded with your logo. You can do this under Set Up> Site Design.

2. Establish a “from email address” that you would like the system responses to come from. The system uses the email address that you sign up with, so if you don’t want requesters to have your personal email, we suggest something more generic like . You can change the from email address under Set Up> Email Content.

3. If you have specific donation guidelines, these should be made clear at the top of your request form. This will ensure that even your first request submitted online will be in your requested format. You can introduce your community program and the specifics for submitting a request under Set Up> Site Content> Intro Text & Your Response Policy.

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