What is GiftWorks Pro?

What is GiftWorks Pro?

GiftWorks Pro is a version of GiftWorks that builds on the success of previous versions of GiftWorks. GiftWorks Pro leverages Microsoft SQL Server technologies to deliver increased scalability and capacity that allows GiftWorks to keep up with a growing nonprofit organization.

What is required to use GiftWorks Pro?

GiftWorks Pro will be installed on each computer that needs to use GiftWorks Pro. For a complete list of system requirements, please click Here

GiftWorks Pro also requires Microsoft SQL Server to be installed on one computer/server within your organization. Compatible versions/editions of Microsoft SQL Server include:

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or greater
Any Microsoft SQL Server edition including the free Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition.
Microsoft SQL Azure is not compatible at this time with GiftWorks Pro.

NOTE: Microsoft SQL Server only needs to be installed once, even if you have purchased multiple GiftWorks Pro licenses. You can install this on a dedicated server or any computer that meets the minimum system requirements for Microsoft SQL Server. For more information on Microsoft SQL Server and to see the system requirements visit the Microsoft website.

If you choose to use the Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition, you will need to also install the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio tool. This tool is included in the installation file for the other SQL editions, but may not be included with the Express Edition installation file. Be sure to choose the installation file that includes the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio tool or install it separately after you install Express.. Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio tool is required for managing Microsoft SQL Server (including restoring a database).

How much help will I need to install GiftWorks Pro?

Installing GiftWorks Pro is simple and generally won’t require much assistance. You may require the assistance of a computer professional if you are not comfortable installing Microsoft SQL Server. Feel free to contact GiftWorks Customer Care if you have any questions about installing GiftWorks Pro or Microsoft SQL Server.


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