Transfer Funds (Soft Credits/Debits)

Event administrators now have the ability to transfer amounts from one fundraiser to another. So for example, if your Peer-to-Peer event requires someone to raise $100 in order participate and you have 2 fundraisers, Joe who has raised $300 and the Jim that has yet to raised any funds, in the admin console, you have the ability to transfer funds from Joe to Jim.


Please note that when you issue a credit/debit, the original donations will remain with the fundraiser.


Transferring Amounts from one Fundraiser to Another

  1. From the administrator console, go to the Relationships
  2. Search for the registrant that you want to transfer funds to/from.
  3. From the search results click on the fundraiser.
  4. From the constituent summary page, click on the event that they are registered for.
  5. From the Registrant Event Summary Page, click on Debit/Credit.

  6. On the page that opens up, select whether you want to debit or debit the fundraiser. In the event the fundraiser you selected has not raised any funds, you will only have the option to credit the person.
  7. Now enter the name of the other fundraiser that you want to credit or debit funds from and then click Search.
  8. From the search results click on the person. Note that the value displayed in the amount column does not included unverified pledged donations.
  9. In the example below we are going to debit $100 from Steven Parker (who has raised $300) and transfer those to Dale Myers who has raised $0.
  10. You will then be taken to a confirmation page, where you can commit or cancel.
  11. If you confirm the changes, at this point the amounts will be transferred.
  12. You will be taken back to the page, where you will also have the ability to view a History of any previous debit/credits.
  13. In additional to transfer for one fundraiser to another, you can also debit from direct donations made to teams. Simply search for the team from the Search

Keeping Track of Credits and Debits

In order to account for any credit or debits, we have made several updates to the admin, and to the fundraising pages.

In the admin, you have the ability to see if the fundraiser has received any debits or credits from their registrant summary page. A Debit and Credit row has been added to Personal Fundraisings section.

We have also update the team fundraising section.

The Snapshot and Registration Details reports have also been updated to include Debit and Credit columns. An aggregate value will be populated in the Debit column if the registrant had been debited. An aggregate value will be populated in the Credit column if the registrant has received any credits.

All pages where fundraising totals are displayed have also been updated to account for any credits or debits.

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