Can I update the credit card online?

Yes, please visit the applicable link


            Select Your Account, then Wallet

            You can edit the existing card, or add a new one as below.


If you need to add a new one, click Add New Entry and complete the details below.


Note that you need to have at least one card in your wallet at any given time.

Copy of Contract/Terms and conditions?

For a copy of your contract, please connect with your account manager, or contact and we will send you a copy.

Refund and cancellation policy?

            We do not offer refunds outside of the terms outlined in your contract.

I need a W-9 form from FrontStream?

Within each invoice notification, we include a link to a copy of our W9. Should you need a copy, please send a note to Due to security reasons, we have not put our W9 on publically available web sites.

Contact and Email Updates?

If you need to update your billing contact name, e-mail or phone number, please contact

If you are registered with FrontStream Invoicing, you can update your registered e-mail address directly on the site. Simply follow the applicable link below.


Once logged in, select “Your Account” and then “Profile”.


You can update your e-mail address here.

Simply update the e-mail address and click save.

If you are not registered for ePay, simply follow think link “How to Register for ePay”

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