How can my nonprofit create a discount code?


FirstGiving offers the feature of discount codes for your nonprofit organizations peer to peer event.

A discount codes is a code that you can create that will allow for your registrants to enter during the registration process to waive or discount the registration fee amount.

Discount codes are only offered through the Custom Registration feature, under each of your created registration types.

  • Sign into your nonprofit's FirstGiving account.
  • Select the Events & Campaigns tab.
  • Select the event this is in regards to.
  • Select Edit Event.
  • Scroll down to Registration Options.
  • Select the Registration Type that you would like to create a discount code for.
  • Select Add a Discount Code for this Participant Type.



You are able to edit:

  • The discount code text
  • Expiration date
  • Amount



Helpful Hint: When entering the amount of this code, please remember it is to be the amount taken off (or discounted) from the registration fee.

In the above example:

$100.00 (registration fee) - $75.00 (discount code amount) = $25.00 (amount the registrant would pay)

How can I control how many times a discount code is utilized?

You are not able to put a limit or control how many people use the discount code, you may however, set an expiration date to limit this use. Please keep in mind that only those that you provide the discount code to will have knowledge about it.






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